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Bernhard from Munich 08.12.2014
Thanks to all at KBC and the great shows of Ron and "Emperor Rosko"...S9+20 on my DRAKE 7 series line, Inv. L Antenna abt. 35mtrs. long. 73s Bernie
Eric F. from Lockport, Illinois, USofA 30.11.2014
Rock on! Blasting in to the USofA on 7375 on the Flex1500 with a random wire antenna.
Georg from Prague from Czech Republic 26.11.2014
Mood is fine tuned too
David Crawford from USA 04.11.2014
Gracie loves KBC!
Dave Walker from Southampton England 02.11.2014
Best radio station to relax to on this old 1944 radio, recently restored
Geir Laastad from Norway 02.11.2014
Part of my radio shack at my home, listening right now to KBC at 7375 kHz.
Mike from The Netherlands 25.10.2014
Hi guys. I am pretty new to shortwave but 6095 is great fun. Cheers Mike and 73.
Gerd Brüschke from Wolfsburg-Ehmen, Germany 21.10.2014
Listening to The Mighty KBC on my home made AUDION Radio with tube Valvo EF 98.
Jo from York, UK 12.10.2014
I always listen in on a weekend on one of my old valve sets. I repair and restore tube radios and the shortwave sets are among my favourites. KBC is the perfect station to listen to on these old glory boxes.
Peter Bae from Mecklenburg, Nord-Deutschland 21.09.2014
Thank you for the good program, that's fun :)
Mark from Germany 21.09.2014
I really like KBC Radio!
Gery Stulz from Germany 20.09.2014
I love the mighty KBC
JF MAIRE from Strasbourg FRANCE 20.09.2014
Thank you KBC for bringing good sounds with a stong and clear signal on SW ; Hope you can do more air time in the future
PAOLO from ANZIO ROME ITALY 14.09.2014
now listen from 6095, very strong signal and best audio quality. Thanks Paolo IzØawg From central Italy
Anil Bali from Delhi 05.09.2014
This is a very rare photo but very precious.
Bruno from Neuwied Germany 23.08.2014
Strong Signal, Good tunes, ty for keep SW alive
Hammie Hammer from Scotland 23.08.2014
Nice relaxing and listening to the Mighty KBC, enjoying the music!
Bartosz from Poland 23.08.2014
Im Bartosz I listen to Mighty KBC every Saturday and Sunday on 6095 AM.
Ray DelValle from Bronx NY 10.08.2014
Heard KBC blasting through my Icom IC-R75 on Sunday, August 10, 2014 0115 UTC on 9925. I also use a Yaesu VR-5000 both radios are connected to a PARS End Fed SWL Antenna. Keep rocking KBC!
Kanwar Sandhu from Winnipeg, Canada 03.08.2014
I was out on the lake side and was trying to tune KBC on my portable radio.
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