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Michel from Netherlands 24.01.2016
fantastic radio station and music keep up the good work ! 73's
Sean McHenry, KB8JNE from Ohio, USA 17.01.2016
Listing to your wonderful S9+30 rocking signal here in the USA. Rock on.
Jerry N5RV from Christoval, Texas 10.01.2016
Loud and clear on 6040kHz in west Texas!
Jordan Heyburn from Armagh, Northern Ireland 10.01.2016
Great signal tonight on the new 6040khz freq into Northern Ireland on my new Kenwood R1000. Signal pushing +20. Keep up the great work.
Alessandro IK0VAQ from Latina Italy 04.01.2016
Hi to All, now my HF homebrew receiver has been boxed...but always tuned on the KBC 6095 kHz. Happy New Year. Alex IK0VAQ
Philipp from Germany 02.01.2016
Hi, I listen to KBC on 6095 kHz with my >RFT SC 1920< made in GDR. 55+73
Pavel Romančík from Liberec Czech Republic 20.12.2015
My Regenerative Reciver with koaxial kabel Loop 6 and 7 MHz. Recive KBC 6095 kHz 20.12.2015 UTC 14:45
Dominik Pollmann from Germany 13.12.2015
This is my new mobile KBC device.I got it for just 10 euro.Funny it just works on sundays...........(no,of cause every day) but on sunday it sounds the best!!!!!!
Tony(Anthony) Barrett from Liverton, SW England 06.12.2015
I'm a radio ham, shortwave listener, mountain bike rider, kayaker, Im a paramedic to pay the bills! Love the KBC, radio broadcasting as it should be...wonderful!
Marco Bombelli IK2CHZ from Crema (Italy) 06.12.2015
Listening You with an SDR radio Elad S2, antenna home made T2FD 20 meters long at 25 meters high. Your sig 9+20/40 dB!
Massimiliano Fiorillo from Ferrara - Italy 29.11.2015
Cordiali saluti - Best regards
ECJ from Arevalo Spain 29.11.2015
Hi guys. I`m enjoying your program with my Frog seven (Yaesu FRG-7) and whiskey&Coca cola. Your Signal is fantastic
Ashby Graves from Orange Park, Florida USA 29.11.2015
Rocking us on 7395 kHz in Orange Park, Florida USA on a Saturday evening. Almost S-9 signal with just a bit of fade. Thanks and keep it up! 73
Alessandro IK0VAQ from Latina Italy 23.11.2015
Hi to All KBC listeners, a couple of photos of my homebrew LW, MW and SW receiver...not yet boxed. 73 Alex ik0vaq
Dominik Pollmann from Germany 15.11.2015
And the right antenna on the roof ......
Dominik Pollmamm from Germany 15.11.2015
Just the best,analog radio!!!'
Fernando valsani from São Paulo - Brasil 15.11.2015
Parabéns ! Eu como um radioescuta aqui no Brasil fiquei ligado na programação da KBC.
Marco from Germany/Bavaria 08.11.2015
Hey there. Hear you every sunday here in Bavaria, Germany with an old 50's Saba tube-radio on shortwave in quite good quality! Thank you for your nice programm.
Tjerk, PE1IOC from Barnflair(Gr) the Netherlands 01.11.2015
5,9+10 signal here on my Kenwood R 5000 Good music !
Gijsbert from West of Holland 01.11.2015
Today is KBC on the DAB+ network south-Holland!! Reception by RTL2832U dongle, PC DAB-player.
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