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Catalin Paun (13FB642) from Germany 26.07.2015
Great Music....
josh from new york city 26.07.2015
coming in loud and clear on my terrace.
James Townley from Chisholm, Minnesota 19.07.2015
Great music. Fun program. Thank you
New listener from Nova Scotia, Canada 12.07.2015
Lucky Man by ELP, from a Wellbrook loop on a Funcube pro+ dongle. Great signal, nice propagation, but local RFI is still a bit of a mess.
Piet Rens from Holland 10.07.2015
Perfect Eric! Ga zo door!
Rens Electronics from The Netherlands 10.07.2015
Hallo Eric. Je kunt het ook weer niet laten. Dat radiobloed blijft ook maar stromen. Zal met de grootste plezier naar je luisteren op de 1602. Groeten, Piet
Bernie from Olching / Bavaria 05.07.2015
Listening to Emperor Rosko on WWII Torn E.B. receiver, Speaker from US Signal Corps
Hank from Northwest Georgia, USA 28.06.2015
Long Live AM!!
Jordan Heyburn from Armagh, Northern Ireland 28.06.2015
Listening live on sw from Northern Ireland. Great signal!
Gerrit Speelman from Siddeburen Netherlands 23.06.2015
Listening every sunday tot The Mighty KCB radio wiht my old Siemens E309 reciever
Luc Segers from Terneuzen 21.06.2015
De "Mrc Mossel" on the road in France.
56FIN93 from Finland 21.06.2015
Mighty KBC coming strong to my Miniwhip antenna. Receiver is Icom IC-R20.
Eddy De Waele (Belgian Oldies Radio) from Ghent (Belgium) 18.06.2015
pity no one was on board, to say hello....this morning 18-06-2015 ... grtz from Eddy (Belgian Oldies Radio) www.belgianoldiesradio.com
Eddy De Waele (Belgian Oldies Radio) from Gent 18.06.2015
Deze voormiddag (18/06/2015) wou ik goeiedag gaan zeggen aan boord van het zendschip van 'The Mighty KBC' in Harlingen....maar helaas 'niemand thuis'
Gabriele Barbi from Italy 14.06.2015
Very good signal ! rx Sangean 909, ant. 23 mt random, Ferrara di Monte Baldo - Verona (Italy) 06-14-2015 13.44 (local Time)
Joseph Palka from Three Bridges, New Jersey, USA 14.06.2015
Spending a balmy summer night listening to Mighty KBC on my Sangean ATS 909X with a Sony active loop antenna. Signal's coming in nice and strong. S5 I5 N5 P5 O5 as per usual. Keep on Rockin!
Billy Taylor from Ringgold,Ga 30736 USA 12.06.2015
This is my setup for now ..be adding a lot more in the next few weeks still wait on a qsl card been weeks now.... listen every time u are on 9925khz thanks Bill
Gino De Simpelaere from Dentergem 08.06.2015
Whit Greatings from Belgium
Peter from Hungary 31.05.2015
Great signal and best music on my repaired 50-years-old radio. Peter
Hardy B. Schracke from Germany 20.05.2015
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