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Chris Wilson from London 01.03.2013
Hi...This is my old 1958 radio I used to listen to Radio Luxemburg.The other is my radio shack... 73
Martin DAVIES GW4GNY from Welshpool, Powys 16.02.2013
I enjoy The Mighty KBC on the Yaesu FR7700 (top right) when I'm not operating on the amateur bands. Keep up the good work and 73 from Wales
TOPRUN from Switzerland 10.02.2013
KBC Trucker Radio 9+10 !!! Keep On Trucking
Sine from near Stuttgart 09.02.2013
Grundig 3012 radio from 1953 still going strong Antenna 2 metres wire near the window Keep on playing the best rock'n'roll ever made !
zippo105 from essex england 02.02.2013
6095 via 60 ft long wire.
Rasheed Naz from PAKISTAN 30.01.2013
i am visit the kamlia village for new listners kbc. village is very beauti ful i liked it very much
Richard Cooke from Chichester West Sussex ENGLAND 26.01.2013
Hi I just love 6095 am
Richard Cooke from Chichester West Sussex ENGLAND 22.01.2013
Hi this is me in my radio room my call sign is 2E0XAO I just love 6095 am 73 Richard
Richard Cooke from Chichester West Sussex ENGLAND 22.01.2013
Just love this station Keep the Faith
Giuseppe iz0gzw from Ponza island 12.01.2013
Great segnal,Great music, great Dj's, Great KBC. Ciao from Ponza island, central Tirrenean sea, Italy. Giuseppe iz0gzw.
Ron Charles Gitschier from Palm Coast Florida, USA 09.01.2013
Getting ready to hoist the Shively 6813 antenna for WAKX FM 98.7 Palm Coast, FL. Constructing a new station...
IZ0GIF - Mimmo from Italy 23.12.2012
Very good signal in central Italy. The best BC on shortwave!!
IZ8PPH Daniele from Cetraro CS 18.11.2012
Very good signal and very good music on KBC! Congratulation very nice radio. 73 de IZ8PPH Daniele from south Italy
Andrea from Italy 11.11.2012
Strong signal in northern Italy, every Sunday morning, a quiet coffee with KBC radio, great music and relax!
Rasheed naz from pakistan 10.11.2012
i liked KBC .
George from Oldenburg in Germany 09.10.2012
I like your activities very much, keep on. George
Giovanni from North Italy 29.09.2012
Landscape of my country. The best site for listening the MIGHTY K.B.C saturday & sunday. Greetings from Italy! Giovanni
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde(Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Power cabinet of transmitter 13. It transforms the 100000 Volts high tension delivered by the electricity supplier to 25000 volts used in the transmitter.
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde(Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Computer screen in the Wertachtal control room. Here all the options for 6095 kHz are displayed.
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde(Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Tube from the final stage of transmitter 13. It was changed because it broke down due to overheating which was caused by non functioning cooling fans. The pipes on top are used to pump water in the tubes for cooling. This TH555 is from Thomson is used in the 100 kW transmitters while the TH558 which is bigger is used in the 500 kW transmitter in Wertachtal. They have a lot of these tubes is store because the TH555 and TH558 after reconditioning are sent to Wertachtal for testing. Wertachtal serves as a testing site for Thomson.
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