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  22.09.2015     more Details     
Peter Quinn
This week on 7375 sees the last in the present series of ''Hits Across The Atlantic with Peter Quinn'' The show has aired during the summer months whilst Uncle Eric has a well earned rest. Peter says hes thoroughly enjoyed  ...

  16.09.2015     more Details     
7375 kHz MFSK32
In case shortwave reception is "challenging" this weekend, Kim Andrew Elliott's digital modes Sunday at 0230 UTC (Saturday 10:30 pm EDT) on 7375 kHz will use MFSK32 rather than the usual MFSK64. Text in MFSK32 is slower than MFSK64  ...

  21.08.2015     more Details     
Changing frequency.
Changing frequency! The Mighty KBC is moving to 7375 kHz on September 6. Sunday 00:00 - 03:00 UTC Please spread the word.

  29.06.2015     more Details     
July 1st, Wolfman Jack Day on KBC Radio 1602AM!
Op woensdag 1 juli is het Wolfman Jack dag op The Mighty KBC De legendarische DJ Wolfman Jack knalde in de jaren 60 en 70 door de ethergolven. Hij was in die tijd wereldwijd de held van de top 40  ...

  01.06.2015     more Details     
Kicking off at 07:00 CET on 1602AM! De opening van het station is om 11.00 uur CET

  20.05.2015     more Details     
Dave Mason
Sunday 00:00 - 01:00 UTC 9925 kHz Its Radio...But Not As We Know It!" "Dave Mason is, as they say in his native Scotland, "Pure Ded Chuffed", (that's a good thing apparently), to be back on the  ...

  09.05.2015     more Details     
Hits Across the Atlantic with Peter Quinn
Peter Quinn says hes delighted to be back on The Mighty KBC, sitting in for uncle Eric for a few weeks. Peter will feature UK and European hits as they beam across the Atlantic to the USA, Saturday nights on  ...

  08.05.2015     more Details     
More Fun, More Music
For a period of +/- 6 weeks.....more fun, more music. Starting on May 24th on 9925 kHz. 00:00 - 01:00 Dave Mason - "It's Radio...But Not As We Know It" 01:00 - 02:00 Peter Quinn - Hits Across  ...

  26.04.2015     more Details     
Moving frequency!
The Mighty KBC is moving frequency! We are moving from 7375 kHz to 9925 kHz, starting Sunday May 3rd. 00:00 - 03:00 UTC

  26.03.2015     more Details     
USA frequency change.
The Mighty KBC frequency change for the USA!! We will switch to 9925 kHz on May 03rd, 2015 and then switch back to 7375 kHz on September 06th, 2015. Please spread the word.

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