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DX Headlines
This is Peter John for the DX Headlines Too far away from any infrastructure to be able to have internet or a cell phone connection? Talea de Castro, a small village of some 3000 inhabitants in mountainous rural mexico just  ...

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Adam O'Quinn & The Mighty KBC
The coming weeks Adam O'Quinn will replace Ron O'Quinn. Ron is moving to a new country, he will be back soon. If you want to contact Adam, please use the e-mail address below:

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Saturday's Big Beach Radio Show
You dont have to be in Hawaii to play in a surf band. This weeks Big Beach Radio Show features new tracks from 'The Mobsen' a Norwegian surf band and 'The Apemen' instrumental surf rock from Tilburg Netherlands. Join Peter  ...

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Bring on the beach girls this Saturday
On this weeks Big Beach Radio Show we explore 'the long lost ladies of surf' Peter Quinn searches the vaults for some rare recordings from femail surf artists. Bring on the beach girls this Saturday at 11.00 UTC.

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Win 2 tickets for the Americana-International festival in the UK!
The Mighty KBC now offers you a chance to win 2 Adult tickets for The Americana International Festival July 10th through 13th In Leicestershire UK To win tickets to This summer’s Americana festival just answer the following question… Which UK  ...

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Bannerline News
This weeks Big Beach Radio show with Peter Quinn features the finest summer tunes with plenty of surf greats. We also have a special cameo appearance from ex World Service newsreader David Legge who helps revive 'Summer Number Ones' from  ...

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This weeks Big Beach Radio Show
This weeks Big Beach Radio Show with Peter Quinn features recent recordings from Brian Wison of the Beach Boys performing Gershwin classics. Theres also two treats for radio amateurs, The Digital Text signals at 11.30 and a short special  ...

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Saturday's Big Beach Radio Show
Peter Quinn tells is that with the aid of KBC's powerfull shortwave transmitters and some carefully selected surf music he will attempt to bring the sun out out accross Europe this weekend. Saturday's Big Beach Radio Show will feature The  ...

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They need your support!
Simon Davis and Elouise Etches need your support. Please check out the link below and spread the word! Don't forget this one and donate something.  ...

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Surf music comes to shortwave
Great news if you love surf music and like exploring shorwave radio. The The Big Beach Radio Show is coming to The Mighty KBC Europe on 6095 kHz for the summer of 2014. The show’s presenter Peter Quinn describes the  ...

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