Peter Quinn

Inspired by the golden age of top 40 radio in the USA, Peter started his radio career during the launch of Independent local radio in the UK. He appeared on pioneering radio stations including: Radio Trent, Beacon Radio and The Hot FM. Over the years he has programmed radio stations and presented regular airshifts on a myriad of services in the UK and Europe, some of the more interesting ones include: Radio Caroline - offshore North sea (Ross Revenge), The Voice of Peace - offshore Mediterranean, Island sound - Malta, Londonís Country 1035AM and The Superstation - Orkney Isles. Peter says that hes delighted to be able to help keep shortwave alive on what he describes as the most exciting Europewide radio station. Peter hosts 'The Big Beach Radio Show' on 6095 during the summer months and appears on selected KBC shows during the winter.

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