19.12.2012 13:53

Sunday December 23 on 9450 kHz.

This weekend on The Mighty KBC, we will squeeze as many digital text modes as we can into a single analog shortwave broadcast channel. This will be during the broadcast Sunday, 23 December, at 0000-0200 (date and time UTC). At about 0130 UTC, MT63-1000 long interleave will be centered at 1000 Hz, MFSK32 at 2000 Hz, PSKR125 at 2600 Hz, and BPSK63 just under 3000 Hz. And just before 0200 UTC, a special message in Flmsg format. MT63-2000 will be centered on 1500 Hz, and PSKR250 at about 2800 Hz. (Install both Fldigi and Flmsg from www.w1hkj.com. In Fldigi, go to Configure > Modems > MT-63 > check 64-bit (long) interleave, 8-bit extended characters, and Allow manual tuning. Also, go to Configure > Misc > NBEMS > check Open with flmsg and Open in browser and, below that, indicate where your flmsg.exe file is located.)

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