08.02.2013 15:49

Rocking Over The Ocean with digital text modes on 9450 kHz!

This weekend, the digital text transmissions on The Mighty KBC will feature images. These will be during the North America broadcast on UTC Sunday 10 February at 0000-0200, on 9450 kHz. At about 0130 UTC, an image and some text in the MFSK32 mode will be centered on 1500 Hertz. And text in the PSKR250 mode will be centered on 2500 Hertz. At just before 0200 UTC, an image in MFSK32 will be centered on 1000 Hertz, and another image in MFSK16 centered on 2000 Hertz. Decode one from your radio, the other from your recording. All of these can be decoded using Fldigi from www.w1hkj.com.

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