20.02.2013 18:58

The Mighty KBC on 9450 kHz.....special experiment.

This weekend, one more North America broadcast of The Mighty KBC on 9450 kHz via Bulgaria, before switching to 7375 kHz via Nauen the following week. The broadcast is Sunday 0000-0200 UTC (7-9 pm EST Saturday evening in North America). This UTC Sunday, 24 February, at about 0130 UTC, MFSK16 will be transmitted, centered on 510, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, and 2900 Hertz. This is to test whether the audio frequency of digital text has an affect on the ability to decode. At just before 0200 UTC, we will explore whether digital text and voice can be transmitted simultaneously. MF63-2000 long interleave will be centered on 2000 Hertz. First will be a 34-second transmission, with Kim Andrew Elliott talking at the same time. That will be followed by the same 34-second transmission, but, thankfully, Kim is silent. These messages will be Flmsg-formatted, with html. In Fldigi, go to Configure > Misc > NBEMS > under Reception of flmsg files click Open with flmsg, and below that indicate the location of flmsg.exe. http://voaradiogram.net

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