16.09.2015 13:53

7375 kHz MFSK32

In case shortwave reception is "challenging" this weekend, Kim Andrew Elliott's digital modes Sunday at 0230 UTC (Saturday 10:30 pm EDT) on 7375 kHz will use MFSK32 rather than the usual MFSK64. Text in MFSK32 is slower than MFSK64, but MFSK32 is more "robust" in difficult reception conditions. As usual, the center audio frequency is 1500 Hz. To decode the text and image, feed the audio into your PC, using a patch cord or just by placing the radio's speaker next to the built-in mic of a laptop PC. Use Fldigi from w1hkj.com, or your favorite decoding software, to see the text and image. If you have an Android device, try AndFlmsg from w1hkj.com/vk2eta/ .

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