18.01.2016 09:54

SSTV on 6040 kHz

Next weekend, Jan. 23/24th, the Mighty KBC as a test will transmit three SSTV pictures with images relating to the station in it's 6040 kHz broadcast. This will be in both DX Headlines items. In the first DX Headlines bulletin things will be explained, and in the second bulletin two pictures will be broadcast in black and white (B/W8 and B/W12 respectively), and a third picture will be in color, transmitted in PD50 mode. Pictures can be received, for example with MMSSTV if you're on Windows, and using QSSTV or MMSSTV via Wine if you are on Linux. If you want, please send us your picture as you received it to the show's mail address themightykbc@gmail.com

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