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Frans from Beers Netherlands 02.02.2020
Hallo Eric ook hier in Beers ben je met een goede richt antenne weer te ontvangen.
Ian from Emerald Australia 30.11.2019
My shack Emerald Central Radio...
francis lawlor from DUBLIN IRELAND 20.08.2019
Christopher William Bradley from Cape May Court House 04.08.2019
My 1938 zenith 9s262 picking up KBC at 8pm EST
ElburnDX from Chicago, USA 02.06.2019
Mighty signal from the Mighty KBC!
Ralph from new york 17.03.2019
Keep up the great work
Jesus Espinosa from Leon Gto. Mexico 01.03.2019
Simply the best rock & roll on weekend ! !
Ralf Bender from Germany 02.02.2019
02 February 2019 - 1300-1400 UTC from Bulgaria - Time for Uncle Eric and his f***s! Greetings to all Fans
WZ4K - Howard from Virginia, USA 30.12.2018
I enjoy the Broadcasts!
Susy from Connecticut 22.11.2018
I love listening to your station!
Todd Brown from Central New York, USA 30.10.2018
Sometimes you just gotta get away
Jos ON8VRT from Belgium 27.10.2018
Greetings to all KBC-ers
Ovidio Valladares from San Pedro Sula, Honduras 14.10.2018
Listening cool music on saturday night
Miguel R Navarro from Saltillo, Mexico 07.10.2018
Listening from Saltillo, COAH. (Mexico) at 5960 kHz!!! (07/10/2018 00:20 UTC)
Anton from M√ľnster 17.09.2018
Enjoying radio while on the road.
Armando from Guanajuato Mexico 18.07.2018
Please keep the rock and roll alive
Chris Kearns from East Hartford Connecticut USA 08.07.2018
Listening to the Mighty KBC on Saturday night. You Rock
Jan Roggeveen from Amersfoort 03.07.2018
KBC op DAB in provincie Utrecht
Jan Roggeveen from Amersoort 03.07.2018
KBC op DAB in provincie Utrecht
Lee from West Virginia USA 01.07.2018
That's my desk.
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