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  17.02.2016     more Details     
Who is listening on shortwave?
Please add your name if you are listening to The Mighty KBC on shortwave!

  14.02.2016     more Details     
Technical problem on 6095
We are off the air on 6095, TX problem 15:27 CET. The technician is working on it. Problem solved...

  01.02.2016     more Details     
Keep The Mighty KBC Alive On Shortwave!
We are looking for new sponsors, advertisers, etc. to keep The Mighty KBC alive on shortwave.

  18.01.2016     more Details     
SSTV on 6040 kHz
Next weekend, Jan. 23/24th, the Mighty KBC as a test will transmit three SSTV pictures with images relating to the station in it's 6040 kHz broadcast. This will be in both DX Headlines items. In the first DX Headlines bulletin  ...

  07.01.2016     more Details     
Moving to 6040
Sunday January 10th we are moving from 7395 kHz to 6040 kHz. 00:00 - 03:00 UTC Please spread the word.

  06.01.2016     more Details     
1602AM Technical problem / 1602AM Technisch probleem
We have a technical problem on 1602AM / Er is een technisch probleem op 1602AM We will do our best to solve it / We doen ons uiterste best om het zo snel mogelijk op te lossen.

  10.12.2015     more Details     
Kim Andrew Elliott's digital text modes move....
This weekend, Kim Andrew Elliott's digital text modes move to Sunday at 0158 UTC (Saturday 8:58 pm EST in North America) on 7395 kHz. This is an experiment to see if the MFSK32 can be decoded successfully even with  ...

  27.11.2015     more Details     
The Rockpile - Raoul van Hall
We welcome another great DJ on the Mighty KBC: Raoul van Hall was born and raised in Amsterdam and has been in broadcasting in America and in Europe since 1971. Raoul has been hosting jazz and classic rock programmes for  ...

  24.10.2015     more Details     
Vanaf 1 November is KBC Radio ook op DAB+ te beluisteren van 07:00 - 19:00 in Noord-Brabant, Limburg en Zeeland. We zijn natuurlijk ook te beluisteren op 1602AM vanaf De Grote Rode Boot en op DAB+ in Friesland  ...

  05.10.2015     more Details     
Frequency change!
For our international listeners: The last transmission on 7375 kHz from 0000-0300 UTC will be on October 11th, 2015. Afterwards we start broadcasting on 7395 kHz from 2300-0200 UTC first effective October 17th (to 18th), 2015.

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