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  14.11.2013     more Details     
Digital Text modes
Digital text and an image will be transmitted by The Mighty KBC this weekend (16-17 November 2013). The mode will be MFSK64 rather than the usual MFSK32. The center audio frequency is 1500 Hz. For best display of the  ...

  28.10.2013     more Details     
Halloween special edition of The Golden Age Of Rock n Roll
This weeks Halloween special edition of The Golden Age Of Rock n Roll comes to you from the dungeons below KBC Towers. Dave Gruesome will be rattling his chains while playing his mouldy oldies, raves from the grave, and forgotten  ...

  26.09.2013     more Details     
1296 testing again
1296AM is testing again tomorrow 27-9-2013!!!! Babcock will only test the power of the TX, no modulation.

  04.09.2013     more Details     
The Golden Age Of Rock n Roll – Dave Mason
Do you remember the classic Girl Group sound? From "Doo Lang Doo Lang" to "Shooby Dooby Down Down" via "Rat-A-Tang-A-Tang" Big Hits and forgotten gold. We remember the girl group sounds of the 50s and early  ...

  23.08.2013     more Details     
This week: Paul Spindley is in for Stan & Tim
Due to a technical problem Paul Spindley is in for Trucker Radio with Stan and Tim. The Mighty KBC 6095AM Sunday 08.00 - 10.00 UTC. Stan and Tim are back on September 1.

  15.08.2013     more Details     
Sunday September 1, The Mighty KBC is moving from 9925 kHz to 7375 kHz for the winter period with the Giant Jukebox 00.00 - 02.00 UTC Please spread the word! Sponsored by

  13.08.2013     more Details     
Mike Marwick is talking to Mr. Pirate Johnnie Walker! Listen on Saturday between 13.00 & 15.00 UTC to Rock & Roll Saturday on The Mighty KBC 6095AM..... JW talks about his "Guest List" at the Ed Festival including  ...

  27.06.2013     more Details     
Digital text modes in The Giant Jukebox!
Digital text modes in the Giant Jukebox! Saturday +/- 11.30 UTC on 6095 kHz. Sunday +/- 01.30 UTC on 9925 kHz. Spread the word!

  20.06.2013     more Details     
The Giant Jukebox back on 6095AM!
The Giant Jukebox ...back on 6095AM!! New 6095AM schedule for Saturday starting 29-6-2013 Saturday 08:00 - 10:00 : Coast To Coast Country - The Emperor Rosko 10:00 - 11:00 : It’s Radio But Not As We Know It –  ...

  06.06.2013     more Details     
Paul Graham leaving...
Paul Graham is leaving the Mighty KBC. Paul's last show will go out on Saturday June 22, 2013. We thank Paul for his great shows! We wish him all the best for the future. We will soon announce his replacement  ...

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