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Jan Oosterveen from Heerde (Netherlands) 31.08.2012
The antenna matrix switch of transmitter 13. This switch puts the transmitter output to the antenna. In this room there are about 1250 switches. With the switch one can connect 1 of the 16 transmitter to 1 on 74 antennas and 8 artificial antennas.
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde (Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Antenna 314 in Wertachtal. This is the KBC 6095 kHz antenna. It gives a boost of about 9 dB to the signal of the 100 kW transmitter.
alec from MUC 06.02.2012
BigL street advert
MaryAnn from Chicago 01.10.2011
Good luck Eric, Roger and to everyone for the success of the 1395 testing.
M. A. 29.07.2011
Abraham from Mexico 23.07.2011
Hi, I'm Abraham. I Love BIGl and Listen ONLINE all Day!!! A greeting for Chloe Stanton has a beautiful voice,besides being beautiful!!! Bye!! Good Luck!!
paul Ciesielski from Bordeaux (France) 29.05.2011
More, more and more music,from a radioship....
paul Ciesielski from Bordeaux (France) 29.05.2011
Here,in South west of France,i listen Big L via Internet.
paul ciesielski from Hourtin(near Bordeaux) France 29.05.2011
That's a real pleasure to listen Big L......
MaryAnn from Chicago 19.05.2011
I asked Eric what he wanted for his birthday and he told me he wanted to be Elvis, lol Happy BIGLVIS Birthday Eric!
Kev Reed from The Norwich Studio 28.02.2011
Jack & Harry (the little candles)from Griffithstown, South Wales with their Big L badges.
Power Country Fm from Australia 23.02.2011
We love your station...great music
RNI2020 from Outerspace 05.02.2011
March 2011
Andover Anorak from U.K. 20.01.2011
It's me on my catamaran off the Majorican coast.Could be my own pirate radio station to rival the BigL! Only joking....
dave from dagenham essex 09.11.2010
those were the days.
Ron O'Quinn fans in Iceland 19.10.2010
Dutch listeners listening to Ron O'Quinn in Iceland.
eddie austin from Dover, England, but now live in Malaysia 03.10.2010
This photo was taken during one of my last UK radio shows in 2001. Its great to hear BIG L 1395AM on-line here in Malaysia. I'm very excited to hear Ron O'Quinn back on European airwaves. Keep up the excellent work eddie austin
Simon Davis from Big L 03.10.2010
Getting the message across on my travels
The Reaper from United Kingdom 26.09.2010
Going native.
Marc Torringa from Amsterdam 29.08.2010
Hello, my name is Marc Torringa and i live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) This is my Philips FX 603A from 1950,and on this wonderful radio i always listen to the 1395AM!The price of this Philips was 1000 guilders in 1950!!! The sound of this Radiogram is very warm,and sometimes i use the recordchanger for my 45 and 78rpm collection! Lotzz of greetzzz, Marc
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