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We are proud to announce that KBC Radio
is now transmitting in English and Dutch Languages.

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The legendary Wolfman Jack

For millions, Wolfman Jack was the master of ceremonies for the rock 'n' roll generation of the '60s on radio, and later on television during the '70s. In the early 1960s, when much of the airwaves were segregated, Bob Smith created his shadowy wild man alter ego so that he could DJ on the radio the "rhythm and blues" race records he loved so much.

The Emperor Rosko

If the Wolfman was the USA's biggest star, there's no doubt that Emperor Rosko is Europe's. The witty, multilingual, fast-talking, American son of the famous Hollywood movie producer Joe Pasternak, was influenced by and worked with the Wolfman and became a big star on British radio, first on pirate station, then Luxembourg and then the BBC. This entertaining and up-to-the-minute show is produced especially for The Mighty KBC in his studios in California and can be heard on Saturday and Sunday.

Ron O'Quinn

Ron O'Quinn was the original Program Director of Swinging Radio England. Ron travelled with The Beatles on the 1966 American Tour and has worked with dozens and dozens of the biggest acts in music...
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