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    Mike Sheleheda from Pittsburgh, PA USA

    Loud and clear on this Father's Day morning in Pittsburgh, PA, USA!

    Giorgio IZ8FAV from Italy

    Hello, nice signal in south Italy. Received by sdr dongle and dipole wire antenna. Freq. 7375 kHz. Good luck Giorgio IZ8FAV

    Vendel K2DSI from Long Island, New York U.S.A.

    Sunday February 04, 2024 0140 Hrs. UTC. Listening to The Mighty KBC on my Drake SSR-1 tuned to 5950 Khz.. S8 signal using the built in whip antenna.

    Hans Schreur from HARLINGEN Netherlands

    Hello everybody, I just listened to your station at 15.770 kHz on 3 januari and 16.30 UTC . Its a good signal. My SINPO report : 44345 Radio: Racal RA.17C12 Antenna: Hy End Fed MK3

    Paul from Oriental, NC

    Hey Eric. Coming in wonderfully to the US East Coast. S6-8. Great Memories. Thanks to you and all. 1615 UTC 29 November 2023

    Paul Donahue from East Lansing MI USA

    Greetings from East Lansing MI

    samuel from London ontario

    Hearing you guys from the other side

    Emily Poppino from Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

    Here's a shot of my Eton Elite 750 tuned into the Radio Miami simulcast of KBC. I have the antenna attenuation maxed out, and the signal is pretty strong! Time is as shown on the display, formatted UTC, and this is c/o the internal antenna, not from an outdoor antenna. (I can only imagine what sort of reception I might get with an outdoor antenna!)

    Kenneth L. from Vermont

    Southern Vermont reports a strong signal from KCB at 5.950 this Evening. Receiver is a Hallicrafters S-40B

    Zach from Indiana, USA

    Ive been away from my shortwave hobby for a while on account of working but I found time to listen this past Saturday night and found out the Mighty KBC is on WRMI now. I am glad WRMI is there to keep shortwave broadcasting going but I do miss capturing the broadcast from Germany. 73's

    Babul Gupta from Barasat, West Bengal, India

    I have been listening to your station for a long time. I really enjoyed listening some of my favourite songs from your station, but sorry to let you know that reception condition is so poor that we cannot enjoy these music properly. I will be much appreciated if you kindly provide transmission to our area.

    Zach from Indiana, USA

    Jamming to The Mighty KBC tonight! I have been away from my hobby of choice for a while working constantly but am now finding time for listening again. I had no idea that KBC had went to WRMI, but I am glad that WRMI can relay them through so we can keep on rocking out!

    Hank from Dalton, GA USA

    Listening to the Mighty KBC on WRMI 5950 Sunday at 22:39UTC on my regenerative receiver KRC-2 with 135' dipole.

    Mike Kana from Chicago

    Racal receivers for shortwave and medium wave DXing!

    Kevin Turner from Norway

    What a pleasure to hear pop music on shortwave again! Namely the Mighty KBC. Tuning through the 15 MHz band at 12:20 pm on the 01.09.2023, I came across the Mighty KBC on the unexpected frequency of 15.770 MHz. The program being broadcast was the Giant Jukebox with "Uncle Eric". Reception was good but unfortunately with some local interference cutting in. In terms of SINPO reporting, you were 5 5 2 3 3. In terms of dB level received, the S meter on my Icom IC-705 was showing 59+20dB. The indoor antenna used was an AOR LA 400 Magnetic loop. Thank you for the great music and please keep up the good work. Regards Kevin LB6ZI

    Robert Carlson from North Attleborough

    loved listening thanks

    Brad - WA9BD from Indiana - USA

    My station. Also just added an Icom IC-R8600.

    José P. Costa from Portugal

    Keep up the good work ! ;-)

    bouchard from Chicoutimi Québec

    I turn on and calliper this old receiver RCA ar88lf ww2 , it works like a new one. I discovered you and I listen to your beautiful music that comes to get me. I will continue listening to you The signal is very strong in Quebec.

    Peter Prichard from Oklahoma, USA

    Listening to The Mighty KBC on my Kenwood R-1000

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