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Robert Carlson from North Attleborough

loved listening thanks

Brad - WA9BD from Indiana - USA

My station. Also just added an Icom IC-R8600.

José P. Costa from Portugal

Keep up the good work ! ;-)

bouchard from Chicoutimi Québec

I turn on and calliper this old receiver RCA ar88lf ww2 , it works like a new one. I discovered you and I listen to your beautiful music that comes to get me. I will continue listening to you The signal is very strong in Quebec.

Peter Prichard from Oklahoma, USA

Listening to The Mighty KBC on my Kenwood R-1000

Kenneth LaPatta from Southeren Vermont USA

Sir Paul knocking at my door around 9:20 PM Eastern Standard time here in Southern Vermont on my 1962 Hallicrafters S-118Mk2 set at 5.960Mc. loud and clear.

Coroam? Nicolai-Aurel from Romania, Horodnic de Jos

Hi! I am a radio amateur with callsign YO8NIK and an avid shortwave listener. Really enjoying The Mighty KBC.

John Simpson from Ottawa Ontario Canada

Hey there across the sea! John here from Ottawa Ontario Canada, hearing you as loud and clear as any local AM broadcaster, and even some local FM broadcasters! Loving it! Absolutely amazing program and signal! MLA30 mag loop connected to a Malahit clone, patched into SDR#. Everyone on the shortwave-listening discord channel is locked in on you right now and we're having a blast! Absolutely amazing job!

Phil Hayward from United Kingdom

Phil Hayward is a fan of The Giant Jukebox (The Saturday Church Of Rock & Roll.

Rolando Guillen Flores from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México

felicidades llegando con algo de ruido y desvanecimiento

Francisco Miranda from Santiago de Chile

Saludos desde Chile. Los escucho en los 9925 khz.

Doug Hunter from Muskegon, Michigan

Coming in strong in western Michigan on a 1959 Sony TR711, using it's internal antenna!

Zach from Kentucky, USA

Listening to the music in my shack!

Enrique Fernandez from Geneva

Great reception last Sunday! Thanks for keeping SW alive with good music!

F4ELJ Dyd from Plougonvelin, France

Listening KBC Radio in the 6.095kHz frequency in AM, march 27, 2022. S 9+ with little QSB.

Eric J Evans-K4NDN from Elkton, VA USA

K4NDN In the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA

Gigi from Milan

Fine signal here in Milan today March 27th, 2022 on 6095 kHz with a Sony ICF-2001D and a wire. Best 73.

Holger DL0063SWL from Essen, Germany

27th of March 2022, 09:50 UTC. Receiver is a RS1P with MLA-30+ Magnetic Loop.

Davide from Como, Italy

Today I'm listening with a '70 ITT Tiny 108, found a year ago in a flea market for few Euro and restored (it had a loose tuning dial string), now is like new! It has Long, Medium and 49 meters band shortwave. I use it with an MLA-30+ antenna (magnetic loop) not shown here. 73 IW2NZR

David EA4SG from Madrid, Spain

Listening The Mighty KBC in the frequency 5.960KHz today 20-March-2022 at 01:23UTC from Madrid, Spain. Antenna is Vertical HyGain AV-640 and radio is Kenwood TS-480SAT. Signal 9+30 and SINPO report is beatiful 55455

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