09.01.2013 16:19

9450 kHz & Digital Text Modes

A new set of digital text modes will be transmitted during the North American broadcast of The Mighty KBC, UTC 13 January at 0000 to 0200. At about 0130 UTC, Olivia 8-1000 will be centered on 1000 Hz, MFSK16 on 2000 Hz, and PSK63F (also know as BPSK63F) on 2500 Hz. Just before 0200 UTC, Olivia 8-2000 (requires a custom setting in Fldigi) will be centered on 1500 Hz, and PSKR125 on 2800 Hz. This will be an Flmsg-formatted message with html. You can decode one mode from your radio, and the others from your recording. To decode, use Fldigi and Flmsg freeware from www.w1hkj.com.

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