20.05.2015 08:53

Dave Mason

Sunday 00:00 - 01:00 UTC 9925 kHz Its Radio...But Not As We Know It!" "Dave Mason is, as they say in his native Scotland, "Pure Ded Chuffed", (that's a good thing apparently), to be back on the Mighty KBC airwaves. This time we're "Rockin' Over The Ocean" to the Americas, Canada, Cuba and beyond via the magic of AM radio . Daves show "It's Radio...But Not As We Know It", aims to capture some of the excitement of those European AM Offshore Radio Stations of the 1960s and 70's. Playlisting the Singles and the Jingles of that era, LP tracks end B Sides, big hits and forgotten gold. Musically it's Doo Wop to Classic Rock and maybe a few newer songs too ... but only if they are truly awesome. Dave would also be "Pure Ded Chuffed" to play your requests or read out your emails either via the KBC email address themightykbc@gmail.com or at mebo2@europe.com"

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