01.04.2021 11:06

Sunday April 4 5960 kHz.

Sunday April 4, 5960 kHz. At +/- 01:30 UTC: Digital Text Modes (MFSK64) with Kim Andrew Elliot! At +/- 01:45 UTC: This weekend on KBC we have some special Ham-DRM data from Daz Man. To decode it you will need EasyPal or WinDRM on Windows, or QSSTV or TRXAMADRM on Linux. You will also need 7zip (Windows) or p7zip (Linux) to unzip it. Then open it in your web browser. The data is in Ham-DRM Mode E, QAM4, in 3 passes - also with some PAPR processing to improve the SNR. Please let us know your results! At +/- 01:49 UTC: This weeks episode of DX Headlines has part 2 of the series on Hyperbolic Navigation Systems. At the end of the item there is an 8 second long SSTV image in old fashioned 8 second B/W format.

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