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Rolf from Zwolle Netherlands 27.12.2020
Very strong Signal on my loop antenna and AirSpy HF+
Stefan DL1AV from Germany 27.12.2020
nice signal
Lex PH2LB from Almelo (NL) JO32hi 27.12.2020
And after breakfast started to work in the shack supported by special Christmas weekend broadcast from The Mighty KBC on my second Yaesu FRG-7 (with digital readout) hooked up to a mini whip active antenna. Little QSB but clear 59+40 copy
Lex PH2LB from Almelo (NL) JO32hi 27.12.2020
Started with breakfast listening to the special Christmas weekend broadcast from The Mighty KBC on my old Yaesu FRG-7 in the living room with just a simple wire antenna. Little QSB but clear 59+20 copy
David Bullock from Southend-on-Sea, England 27.12.2020
Tom HB9EVF from Mägenwil Switzerland 27.12.2020
Cool Sound, Signal: S9+40db
Lee-James Marsh from Essex in the UK 27.12.2020
I'm 25 and I have autism and I absolutely love listening to various shortwave and radio communication! Have a great new year everyone! Call sign M6EOV
Michele IZ2EAS from Milano, Italy 27.12.2020
The Mighty KBC sounds better on the Mighty Collins 51S-1 ! Real radios glow in the dark (and have lethal voltages)
Adrian Micallef from Malta 27.12.2020
Listening to The Mighty KBC!
FABIO BONUCCI IK0IXI from Italy 27.12.2020
Strong and steady signal here in central Italy. Happy New Year 2021 to all KBC crew.
Jaume Marull from Navata Spain 27.12.2020
Magnifica recepción desde el norte de España. 9+20 y excelente calidad,Buen programa musical
Davide Tambuchi from Como, Italy 27.12.2020
Hello, here my other receiver that use the Wadley loop scheme, an old and very reliable Yaesu/Sommerkamp FRG-7. Nice rock and roll today 27 December 2020. Many thanks for your transmission dedicated to the European listener! So happy to have listened you again here in Europe! Best 73 Davide - ham radio call IW2NZR
Costa Constantinides from Cyprus 27.12.2020
Dxer Costa Constantinides tuned into the radio from the island of Cyprus. Best wishes and 73 Costa.
Rick K9LCY from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 27.12.2020
The Mighty KBC sounding great here at the Crossroads of America. Central Indiana - Indianapolis USA
Davide Tambuchi IW2NZR from Como, Italy 06.12.2020
I listened you yesterday 5 December 2020 with my old, dear, rare Barlow Wadley XCR-30. I upload here a photo of the receiver. I also send you a short video of a piece of program listened yesterday. Many thanks for your nice paper QSL I received last month! So happy to have listened you with excellent signal yesterday before going to sleep! Best 73! Here the link to the video on my blog: https://the-barlow-wadley-boy.blogspot.com/2020/12/the-mighty-kbc-trucker-radio.html
K5MPH from Texas 01.12.2020
The radio shack .....
Brian from Western New York near Lake Ontario 09.08.2020
Enjoying great music this weekend on 9925 in Western New York near Lake Ontario !!! KBC you are rocking my shack ??!!!
Chuck Boyles from Raceland,Ky 19.07.2020
Sounding good on my 1937 12 tube Grunow console radio
RADIO645 from Santa Fe 24.06.2020
Heard your broadcast on 9925 @ 1:43 UTC 06 13 2020 Here's a photo of my shack.
Raven Redfox from Santa Fe 14.06.2020
I just listened to your broadcast on freq. 9925 from 1:43 to 2:00 UTC. Saturday, 6 June, 2020. My shortwave radio is Sangean, 909X, connected to a 24 ft. long wire antenna. I'm located in Santa Fe,NM, USA. This is the first time I have monitored your station. I hope to send a reception report soon. Raven Redfox.
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