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Joe Bassett from Fleming Island, FL

Great music, great signal, great times. FT-1000MP with a G5RV. 0115Z 22 January 2022

K5MPH from Texas

KBC radio is the great one de K5MPH

Glen Sharp II from New Castle, Indiana USA

WRMI from Florida 1400KM away on 5950kHz beaming 355 degrees (straight at me) normally swamps KBC but not today! Keep on truckin!

Mike Curto from New London, WI United States

Listening to some great music!

Vince D from Washington, DC USA

KBC Radio loud and clear on 9925 khz in Washington, DC USA via Airspy HF Discovery + SDR Sharp 1812

Tom from New Hampshire

Listening on a Realtek SDR dongle with a 66 foot attic dipole on a Raspberry Pi 4 using SDR++

Allison B from Bentleyville PA

s9 on Lafayette HA 600A on a 135ft longwire antenna

Andrew B. from Grandville, Michigan, USA

Great signal coming on 9.925 into Michigan!

Yvan from Quebec City, Canada

Signal 30db + on ICOM-R75 with outside groudnplane antenna 40 feet from ground. 2021-05-23

Tomasz from Paslek, Warmia-Masuria , Poland

Even not bad signal. Sometimes weaker but hearable. I'm using simple wire antenna. I hear you in 9925 KHz on my other vintage Radio Unitra DMP-201 Contessa produced in Poland in 1974-1978 years.

Mike Sheleheda from Pittsburgh, PA USA

59+ on the ICOM-7300 and EMCOMM II antenna.

Frank Pfeiffer from Long Island, NY USA

Mighty KBC signal loud and clear Saturday evening on my Russian Soviet Salut-001 shortwave receiver!

Chris Harper from Pittsburgh, PA

Good signal tonight.

John Lee from Grantville, Georgia, USA

You're coming in s9+10 here in Grantville, Georgia, USA on 5960 kHz. I'm enjoying the rock 'n' roll music. Thanks!

DUSTIN, AA8NN from Ohio usa

Coming in pretty good on the hro sixty tonight!

Matt from Massachusetts USA

Just outside of Boston, MA USA!

Francis Lawlor from dublin ireland

loud and clear on 2 radios !

Mr B from Waterford Ireland

00.25am 24/01/21 coming in loud and clear

Kim heinze from Calgary Alberta Canada

Picture recorded on 3 January 2021 at approx 01.00 hours. Good reception on a Grundig FRG-8800 with combination long wire and an MLA-30 loop antenna. 5960 kHz. Thank you for the music. So refreshing to hear on SW! Kind regards Kim H.

Tomasz from Poland , Pas??k near Elbl?g

Awesome radiostation! Such a great music!. I've heard you on 6092 KHz. It was very nice to spend the Sunday with you! I can't wait for the next 6092 KHz brodcast! Here is my vintage radio Unitra Diora DML-306 ''Klawesyn'' from early 1970's ( in Polish ''harpishord''). It was a one of the last tube radios produced in Poland. Not so bad signal! My best regards!

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