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  31.08.2020     more Details     
Moving frequency!!
We are moving, 5960 kHz is scheduled for next Sunday September 6th. Please spread the word. Sunday 00:00 - 02:00 UTC

  29.06.2020     more Details     
Sunday 9925
Sunday 9925 kHz around 01:50 UTC DX Headlines will have presentation and digital data simultaneously. In addition to spoken word, a small signal in DominoEX Micro will be added at 100 Hz that will contain some text. You can  ...

  24.06.2020     more Details     
July 1 Wolfman Jack!
Op 1 juli 2020 is het exact 25 jaar geleden dat de legendarische discjockey Wolfman Jack stierf. Zijn eigenlijke naam was Robert Weston Smith. Wolfman Jack was een zeer bekende en spraakmakende Amerikaanse diskjockey uit de jaren 60 en 70  ...

  24.03.2020     more Details     
UPDATE!!!! Please note that we stay on 5960 kHz and switch to 9925 kHz on May 3rd until August 30th. On September 06th we will go back to 5960 kHz again. Please spread the word!

  05.03.2020     more Details     
Moving frequency
On March 29 The Mighty KBC is moving back to 9925 kHz for the summer period. Sunday 00:00 - 02:00 UTC. Please spread the word!

  18.12.2019     more Details     
25 December Live Broadcast from Utrecht
On December 25 we broadcast live from Vredenburgplein in the city of Utrecht. From 10 p.m. to midnight. The presentation is live from a hot tub. Check out the event here.

  26.08.2019     more Details     
We are moving frequency!
Moving frequency! We will change frequency from 9925 kHz to 5960 kHz starting September 1st. Sunday 00:00 - 02:00 UTC. Please spread the word!

  03.05.2019     more Details     
Moving frequency
We are moving frequency! For the summer period we are moving from 5960 to 9925 kHz. Sunday May 5th 00:00 - 02:00 UTC

  20.03.2019     more Details     
Media Broadcast from Nauen, Germany will conduct special DRM transmissions directed to the DRM General Assembly Meeting in Spain. March 26 and 27 10-11 UTC 13670 kHz with 100 kW at 210 degrees. Program will be The Mighty KBC  ...

  22.11.2018     more Details     
The Mighty KBC 11.600 kHz.
Listen to The Mighty KBC on 11.600 kHz. Saturday 13:00 - 14:00 UTC The Giant Jukebox - Eric van Willegen.

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