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Rafique noroz from Faisal abad pakistan 21.09.2013
my radio is first radio . i love KBC
John Edwards from Scotland 21.09.2013
Huge signal here on 6095 (21sep13)
norton from holland 17.09.2013
studio radio norton 6325 khz
Volker from Sweden, 150 km southwest from Stockholm 16.09.2013
Receiving KBC-Radio with my old tube radio Concerton V443 build in 1942. Strong signal here in Sweden and a lot of fun with your program. Thanks a lot!
sonic from holland 15.09.2013
my tunner
Mike from Bremen 07.09.2013
Fieldday 27 / 28 Juli 2013 bei 40°C im Schatten
Hege from finland 06.09.2013
old nauen tube radio listening nicely kbc radio. bernau/nauen 1961`s veb stern-radio berlin rft
Radiohooligan from Fryslân 01.09.2013
Signaal is hier vaak knalhard op een 'gewone' radio te horen! All the luck in the world!
Jack Donio from Enschede Holland 30.08.2013
listening to KBC on my old Biplane rodio
Jan Smits from Holland 30.08.2013
My old Philips with a longwire 20 meters!!
soeren from saggart/ireland 29.08.2013
12.5m long wire antenna
Ján Delo from Slovakia 29.08.2013
I got this for free from our local school. Listening to KBC everytime.
Franz-Josef Kirchhoff from Deutschland 28.08.2013
I and a German Cow
Istvan Kiss from Hungarian, Fejér county, Dég 27.08.2013
I really like this radio
Timm from Voecklabruck(VB) Austria 25.08.2013
KBC-Radio-Team keep going to hold the Shortwave with your graet music "on-air". I do either as a Ham. Bye Timm
dave dee from dagnham essex 25.07.2013
love all those photos.
EDOARDO from VENETO ( ITALY) 14.07.2013
I'm very happy to listen KBC Great from Italy Edoardo and family
Ralf from Nuremberg 06.07.2013
With a NRD-525 and ALA 1530 antenna well received in the middle of Nuremberg
Heikki from Finland 22.06.2013
road star button radio and listen to 6095khz and trip continues and black smoke remains after =)
Jari Myllymaki from Tampere, Finland 01.06.2013
Rock'n'Roll is fun for old time tuberadio. Sounds great.
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